Social Movement as A Form of Online Political Participation in social media

  • December 1, 2023
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Corresponding Author


Activism, Alternative Narrative, Industry 4.0, Slactivism, Social Movement


The digitization process resulting from the development of technology and communication is a determinant of progress in all aspects of people's lives and social life. With the advancement of industrial technology 4.0 which is all digital where there has been a shift in the form of aspirations in the community, from a conventional movement to a digital movement that is easily and very quickly disseminated and brings more support from many people. The method used in this paper is literature analysis or literature study as a data collection technique. The focus of this research is on how the role of social media activists in mobilizing public political participation with social movements and how the digital Twitter instrument can increase democratic activities in Indonesia. The results of this study indicate that the relationship between the role of digital technology and social movements can be seen from the power of the hashtag #MahasiswaBergerak which activists use to disseminate into an activity called a social movement which occupies the second trending peak. The use of the hashtag #MahasiswaBergerak is a symbol of the message contained in the hashtag. Users who are involved in liking, commenting, sharing, and retweeting using the hashtag #MahasiswaBergerak is a slactivism practice where only by carrying out these digital activities they have shown participation even though they do not have an impact on real change. Social media can become an alternative media in raising social issues to the surface and does not just disappear. It is concluded that technology can encourage and increase the effectiveness of social movements. This finding provides a great opportunity for social media activists to remain active in voicing their aspirations and take an active role in political issues starting from social media.


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