Syekh Burhanuddin dan Kadar Ali: Perajut Tradisi Tabut Pada Bulan Muharam Di Bengkulu-Pariaman

  • December 1, 2023
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Corresponding Author


Tabut Tradition, Syech Burhanudin, Kadar Ali, Bengkulu, Pariaman.


Tabut in Bengkulu and Tabuik in Pariaman are two traditions with the same socio-historical background, namely the Karbala incident in 61 H which killed Husein bin Ali, grandsoon of  prophet Muhammad SAW. These two traditions are also carried out ate the same time, namely 1 to 10 Muharram and the stages of implementation are relatively the same. However, with regard to who are the foundational figures of tradition in these teo places, until now there has not been a clear light. The two name that are often mentioned are Syech Burganuddin and Kadar Ali. This study aims to: 1) conduct the description and analysis regarding the name of Syech Burhanudin in Bengkulu and Pariaman and its relation with Tabut Tradition; 2) carry out the description and analysis regarding the name of Kadar Ali in Bengkulu and Pariaman and its relation to Tabut Tradition. This research was conducted with a qualitative research. Data where collected by interview, literature review, documentation and onservation. Data analysis was carried out using the Milles and Huberman interactive model. The results of the study show that: 1) Syech Burhanuddin (I, II & III) who is known in West Sumatera, has no connection with Syevh Burhanuddin in Bengkulu and also has no relatiobship with the Tabut tradition in Bengkulu and Pariaman. In Bengkulu, Tabut was first brought by Maulana Icshad’s gruoup from Punjap, India in 1336 AD and was futher developed by Imam Senggolo or Syech Burhanuddin whose grave is in Karbala, Bengkulu; 2) between Kadar Ali from Pariaman and Kader Ali from Bengkulu, it is estimated  that they are same person with two possible schemes. First, Kadar Ali came from Bengkulu (family of Imam Senggolo), migrated to Pariaman, and developed Tabut tradition, but the returned to Bengkulu and died in Bengkulu. Second, Kader Ali is a native of Pariaman who married to Siti Halima (daughter of Imam Senggolo), then brought his wife to Pariaman and developed Tabut. In its development, he also returned to Bengkulu and died in Bengkulu.


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