Development Communications Through Forum in Participation and Motivation of Village Communities in Indonesia

  • December 1, 2023
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Corresponding Author


Participation, Motivation, Communication, Development.


This study aims to determine the perceptions and motivations of the community in village development deliberations. This study uses the grassroots development theory, which starts from the bottom up. Participation in development starts from planning the needs desired by the lowest community. Every individual and community institution in the region has a role in development through the motivation of community members in deliberation. The research approach used is descriptive qualitative with narrative analysis based on the results of interviews with informants. The research results show that participating in development can provide motivation and obtain equality of opinion which refers to the information submitted by the leader to be more enthusiastic in carrying out development. Motivation through attendance at deliberations to listen, see about development priority programs and discuss development budgets. A deliberation is a form of organisational communication that starts from group communication to provide input on development priorities in a transparent, credible, and accountable manner. The motivation for community involvement emphasises the decision-making process in community institutions—participation as a form of community emancipation in the process of involvement in infrastructure and economic development planning. The research contribution, in theory, can provide knowledge about the equality of public perceptions that deliberation becomes an effective communication model in development communication. Recommendation: The following research is social construction regarding gender equality, village officials, and village institutions in the motivation of village development meetings.


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