Digital Marketing: Does It Impact on Increasing the Profit of Msmes in Aceh?

  • December 1, 2023
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Digital, Marketing, Improvement, Profit, Business


This study aims to develop knowledge by verifying whether the concept of using Digital Marketing in MSMEs in Aceh can increase operating profit. Verification is carried out utilizing empirical proof in the field. The research results will be used as empirical proof of the concepts that have been studied and are expected to show that the increase in operating profit is the impact of the use of appropriate digital marketing, so that the proposed framework model can provide solutions to overcoming problems in operating profits.  The continuous use of digital marketing as input will result in an increase in operating profit as an output.The methods used in this study are descriptive and explanatory research methods; the research is carried out to obtain a description, a systematic, factual and accurate picture of the facts, properties and relationships between the variables studied.  This research method wants to get general answers about cause and effect by analyzing the factors causing phenomena in the concepts raised in this study; data will be collected by distributing questionnaires to MSME actors in the field. To obtain the results of this study, the data will be processed using statistical tools, namely simple linear regression.The results of this study show that using Digital Marketing in marketing its products can expand the market to increase the sales onset of MSMEs, so increasing sales will increase company profits. From the results of the research, it can be concluded that the increase in operating profit of which is influenced by the use of digital marketing by MSME players.


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